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About My Work

I'm always asked to explain what I do in a 7 word intro...Here it is: "I'm a Hallmark card sent from Spirit" . When you pick a card to send to someone special, and finally get just the perfect one - do you remember how you feel? That's how Spirit feels when you connect with me! Do you need a Congratulations note? Happy Birthday? Happy Anniversary?  Somebody just thinking of you? That's my job!  Simply put: I'm meant to make you feel better! I bring greetings from spirit and give you the clear knowledge that you are loved, never forgotten, and cherished!

.I'm very funny, but take my work very seriously and do not engage in it for “entertainment purposes”. Nor do I do it to hear myself talk - so while I love, respect and value all of my clients, it’s important for you to know that I work best with clients who are open and willing to help themselves expand and change! I regard my abilities as a God-given gift, and any information that I am given by you or channeled through me by Spirit I consider a sacred trust between you, God, and me. (I use the capitalized term Spirit to mean all sources of Highest Good; all aspects of God-energy.) I am merely the Hallmark card; you are the reason it is sent.While I, of course, predict events, my real gifts lie in my ability to see the perfection of you – body, mind and soul - as you were created, and as you are meant to be. I see your soul’s highest possibilities.Sessions focus not merely on events, but on causes and underlying patterns, giving information, insight and guidance that provide a much deeper perspective on life circumstances and soul development. All of it is Divinely designed to examine the intricate underpinnings of you and your life, and to praise, encourage, and help you on the journey.

I am a Medium, so “I see dead people” – little 's' spirit. And, yes, if you were wondering, animals too from time to time. Much like the film ‘Sixth Sense’, or the TV show ‘Medium’, not only can I see these people, but I can also hear them, they can hear me, and we can speak together.   

My abilities include being a Medical Intuitive. I do not offer Medical Intuitive sessions, but I feel the symptoms of an illness you or someone close to you may be experiencing. I am not a physician, will never diagnose or treat, and will always tell you to seek or to continue medical care.You may have noticed that I use the word ‘work’. Some people assume that being an Intuitive and Medium means that information flows into me effortlessly, and that I then relay it back to you just as easily… I wish. While teaching a seminar where participants were practising psychometry, (getting impressions from objects or photos), one woman put the effort involved clearly into perspective. She said, “This is really hard! I can’t get a single thing right and I’m absolutely exhausted!” She was right. The work is physically and mentally demanding and can be emotionally exhausting. I simply can’t do good work for you if I’m over-tired or over-whelmed so I limit the number of clients I see in a given day, and the hours when I see them. I hope you will be understanding if you have to wait for an appointment, or perhaps can’t have one at a time that is simply perfect for you.

I will not make things up. I will not necessarily tell you what you want or expect to hear. I simply relate what Spirit tells me to say. If I don’t know, or am unsure, I will say so.

I have no idea how I do what I do! I have an inquiring, practical mind and a medical background. Despite wondering for most of my life how the process actually works, it still remains an incredibly astounding and wonderful mystery to me. I am only grateful that it does work, and that I am allowed to access aspects of your life and soul, or to communicate with your loved ones in spirit, in order to help you understand about the path you are presently on; aid you in making great, empowered choices; transform you; and open you up to your astounding unlimited potential!


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