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I offer  Life Readings, Medium Sessions, Past Life Regression Sessions, and “Amazing Power of Joy” coaching, as well as teaching Seminars and Workshops. I live in Mississauga, near Toronto, but I travel long distances on a regular basis to see out-of-area clients, fulfill media requests, and to conduct seminars. I’m happy to travel almost anywhere if there is sufficient demand. Out-of-area clients who want to see me in person frequently facilitate my getting to their city by going on Facebook, or My Space or phoning all of their relatives, friends and co-workers until there are enough clients for me to warrant traveling to their area. If you want me to work in your area please contact me first so that we can coordinate my schedule, and discuss details.

You are welcome to spend time speaking personally with me at no charge by telephone before we set an appointment date. Speaking with me may allow you to become clearer about the reasons you are requesting a session, and to allay any concerns you might have. It also allows you to learn if you feel comfortable with me; and on my part, if we can work together effectively.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, all sessions are private - so no, your best friend cannot sit in!


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