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Past Life Regression

I am Certified as an Instructor in Hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and have additional certification in a number of other modalities, including Past-Life Regression. Some clients are interested in exploring their past memories simply for interest’s sake, or, based on information given in a reading, I suggest that hypnotic regression might enable them to heal further, or to investigate more deeply some aspect of their life or journey. By the way, Past Life refers to all past events and circumstances – this incarnation, between lives, as well as previous existences. Your unconscious mind will unerringly direct you to exactly where you need to begin to achieve your goal.

I cannot vouch for whether your Past Life memories are “true”. Some may indeed, be a compilation of books you have read, movies you have seen, or your very creative imagination unleashed! Specific techniques such as very deep trance and non-leading questions are essential, in my opinion, to elicit “true” memories. In reality, it doesn’t matter, as long as what you have experienced has uncovered answers to your questions; resolved issues; and healed you.

All initial Past Life sessions require a 1½-hour appointment; subsequent sessions are 1 hour.


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