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Medium Sessions

Please know first that you don’t need a Medium to speak to your loved ones! Whether you talk out loud, or pray for them, or just think of them, they hear you loud and clear. You may however choose to allow me to relay what they are saying back to you.

Before your appointment I focus in depth on both you and the loved one you wish to reach. I view all of your loved ones in spirit as important guests, and, being a polite person, I like to extend a personal invitation to them and receive their RSVP before your appointment, rather than just rudely expecting them to show up at the last minute!

It is a privilege for me to facilitate a reunion between you and a deceased loved one. My purpose in offering this service is to be able to help you and your loved one lessen grief, and to alleviate concern and guilt. I have never had a loved one upset by your desire to communicate with them - they are always excited and happy to be able to finally be heard. My role is to assist you by relaying their messages without my presence at the forefront - rather like a United Nations’ translator. (Since communication with a spirit is telepathic it doesn’t matter what language they spoke while alive. I hear it in English; they hear it in the language they best comprehend.) 

My first intention is to identify personality and life events in such a manner that you are sure that I am speaking with your loved one. My second is to enable you both to have as close a conversation as possible, so that each of you may say whatever you need to say, and know whatever each of you needs to know. By the way, clients are sometimes surprised that, for instance, their father or grandmother who crossed before they were born are present and have lots to say! You are their family, they love you, and so are present. 

I am always amazed at the speed, amount and clarity of information that comes through when there is a really clear connection. Much like the inter-dependent transmission tower and cell phone though, I cannot promise that I can always establish a resoundingly clear link. I can only tell you what I am told and shown; or explain what emotions and feelings they are sending me.

People sometimes seek me out because a loved one is missing or was murdered. My sister was murdered over 30 years ago, and so I have profound empathy for the families of victims of crime. Please advise me when you first contact me if this is the case, as I try to work pro-bono in these situations whenever my schedule allows. I also would like you to bring photographs or personal articles of your loved one if possible.

I’m often asked to visit homes that have resident ‘ghosts’. Sometimes the owners would like them moved on; sometimes they just want to know more about their houseguests. Contact me if you’re interested in either.


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