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Life Reading

This is generally the service that most clients book. Since I really love seeing my clients, I prefer to do Life Readings in person, but if that is impractical we can do sessions together by phone. (Since the information is chanelled, you don't need to be physically present as I'm not reading you!) A Life Reading offers an overview of past, present and future events, and a detailed discussion which provides clarity, new perspectives, guidance, direction and answers.

What sets me apart from most other Intuitives is that why we all may identify a problem situation, in my case I know why it is happening, and how to overcome or correct it.  Life Readings allow me to make you aware of abilities, talents and gifts of which you may be unaware. It also gives you insights into your Higher Self and a clearer understanding of your spiritual growth.

Spirit has a habit of immediately telling my clients what Divine Source wants them to be aware of, and ignoring other matters unless directly asked! Before your appointment, please prepare a written list of about 10-20 questions. You may ask anything you wish - the more specific the better. The more spiritually-oriented the question; the more spiritually-oriented the answer. If you ask the question Spirit always gives me the answer – with the following exceptions! I do not answer questions for other people who want you to ask something on their behalf.  I cannot answer questions about other people sometimes as I would be breaching their right to privacy. (The question you ask about another may truly be none of your business, but it’s not totally clear-cut and your intent in asking has a lot to do with whether an answer is possible.) I will not tell you when someone is going to die. (We all depart from the physical world -  an individual's crossing is between him or her and God, and will be perfectly timed for their own soul's purpose.)

If you'd like your session taped, please bring a regular, old-fashioned cassette tape with you. (I'm still working on mastering my electronic recorder so that I can record and then e-mail your session to you, but it's hard to teach old dogs new tricks!) You are welcome to take notes too.

If you want to contact deceased loved ones please let me know when you book, or at the start of a session. Your loved one may have been in attendance already, but if by chance they aren’t, and I’m asked right at the very end, there may be insufficient time for me to answer your questions about them. If you specifically want a Medium Session, please use the link.


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