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Clients Comments

“Heather Anne is a bright light in a world that often sees so much darkness. Each reading is filled with blessings and inspiration. Words are less than adequate to describe her gift and what it means to me. When I am with her I feel a very real connection to the very highest and most reliable source of creation, love, support, and guidance”
David Hamilton, Kincardine, Ont.

“You are truly a gift! I feel privileged to be counted among your clients. Every time I see you I am guided, inspired and enriched. God bless you always for the work you do with such love and integrity.”
Ann Hickson, Toronto, Ont.

“This was the most amazing reading I’ve ever had. Not only were you completely accurate, you seemed to be able to see inside my situation and the people involved. I’m sending all my friends.”
Joanne Thompson, Toronto, Ont.

“My life was so terrible that I thought I would never stop crying. You offered me spiritual Kleenex and dried all my tears. You gave me a completely different perspective on my problems, and even showed me the hidden miracles of them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Beth Adams, Mississauga, Ont.

“My sister told me to call you. She said you would be able to help me. She was right. You are simply the best!”
Amanada J., Worcester, MA

" Not at all what I expected. You were dead on, inspiring, and wonderful! Thank you."
Charles A Ryan, Toronto, Ont

"I wanted to know what would happen next for me as everything in my life was terrible. I thought you'd pull out a pack of cards and tell me month by month. I was so wrong! You have changed not only my way of looking at who I really am, but why things have happened, how to change them in in a great way,  and how to I lead my life happily into the future. I love you!"
Michelle Wright, New York City

"You are are the best! You deserve to be really famous - empathetic, accurate and inspiring - but if you were I'd have to line up for months to get a reading!  Seriously Heather Anne - thank you, thank you, thank you. It's worked out just the way you said it would! All is wonderful!
Clarisse O'Malley, Dublin, Ireland


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